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Greystone Trading cc – Cape Town based providers of Wendy Houses, low cost housing solutions and other home improvement services

Greystone Trading cc is a company built on the belief that there’s no place like home, and with our fine range of low cost housing solutions, every man (and woman) can now have his own. At Greystone Trading cc, we provide an array of affordable solutions to conventionally costly undertakings, like owning your own home, or making improvements to your property. We specialise in Wendy Houses and Nutec Houses available in numerous dimensions to suit all budgets and needs, as well as in home improvement activities, including the supply and installation of carports, paving and precast concrete walls.

Greystone Trading cc knows that a man’s home is his castle, and can offer you the right solution if you’re looking at expanding your kingdom. Our wide range of products allows you the luxury of customising your living experience. We offer a broad selection of products, and a wealth of technical expertise to accompany them, and will turn any low cost housing project or home improvement endeavour into a rewarding experience for you.

Are you house proud and planning some renovations? Greystone Trading cc knows what you need. Our paving prices are not to be missed, our carport range and workmanship cannot be overlooked, and our fully installed Vibracrete walls, available in an extensive variety of patterns will guarantee that your home is not only transformed, but greatly enhanced. Are you a first time home buyer looking to erect a property on your lot of vacant land? Greystone Trading cc knows what you need. We stock an assortment of Nutec houses to provide you shelter from the storm. Are you a current home owner looking to expand the storage capacity on your property or accommodate a visiting relative? Greystone Trading cc knows what you need. Our catalogue contains a vast collection of Wendy Houses in all sizes to contain your most precious things. Additionally, both unit types (Wendy Houses and Nutec Houses) are ideally suited to function as office and accommodation facilities for mine/construction worker camps.

To find out more about what Greystone Trading cc can do for you, visit our website,, e-mail us at info@greystonetrading , give us a call on +2721 761 9891, or simply visit us at our premises – 622 Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne, Cape Town, South Africa. Our staff members are on hand to provide friendly assistance in attending to your low cost housing or home improvement needs.